Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is my head rotation project for school. I'm generally not a fan of japanamation but somebody showed me the movie Steamboy and I was really impressed so I did the old guy for my rotation.


KAT said...

hi skotty!

how are things? I'm seeing you tuesday right? We're watching up.
Daniel gave me your new cell and told me that you're only free on tuesday.


Allumen said...

I almost missed you message, cause blogger is a weird place to leave stuff that IMO belongs on facebook or e-mail lol.

I'm not in Oakville, I'm busy slugging it out in Scarborough for the summer. I get my first day off this friday :D

I'm hoping stuff is going well for you. Have you sent Maury or Enzo anything yet? I'm still trying to hash out an ending to this one piece. And I've been way to lazy to board out anything.

But yah, I live near the zoo right now, if you're going to be going there you can drop me a line, and I'll hopefully have the day off.


Bijan said...

I've been taking in the culture of sharking and tentacle porn and find it alluring myself. Nice rotation.

I'll probably be heading down to Oakville soon. A few people should be getting together sometime in the near, vague, badly planned future.